Social Events

General Assembly Participants and Accompanying Persons are invited to join the social events

3rd October, Thursday

Get-Together Evening – Welcome Reception
Venue: “Erzsébet” Ballroom in Budapest Marriott Hotel

Enjoy the welcome reception and greet the ‘old friends’ this evening.





4th October, Friday (OPTIONAL)

Culinary Evening:  “Tasty Poultry, Good Wines, Delicious Sweets” on the “Gróf Széchenyi (“Count  Szechenyi”) Boat

Sound, view and vision show on the Danube River. You are invited for a showboat dinner and cruise at night. With a glass in hand you will be able to experience how the legends of Budapest come to life. You will be able to look behind the walls, and the Royal Palace, Parliament, Margaret Island, the bridges, and other splendid sights, all bathed in light, will tell you their story.


5th October, Saturday

Gala Dinner
Venue: Pesti Vigadó

Pesti Vigadó, which opened its gates to the general public in 1865, has been functioning as a centre of social life in all ages. A unique jewelry box where art and nature complement each other. It is a distinctive work of architecture capable of offering an experience of history, culture and nature all at the same time, which makes it the perfect venue for gala dinner, entertainment and cultural events. Enjoy the dinner, music and the entertainment.… and dance, if you like!